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We have some interesting characters in my family tree.  My great great great grandparents’s farm is on the National Register of Historic Places and there is a decent amount of written history about that branch of my family so I have always been interested in learning more about them, and my mom somehow obtained a very detailed family tree for another branch – apparently my cousin three times removed actually went to our ancestral village in Finland about twenty years ago and looked up all the records in the parish records, so there are literally people on there dating back to the 1600s with full names and dates of birth, marriage, and death.

I made an account on ancestry.com years ago and made a tree for myself with what information I had at the time, but then burned out.  I am too cheap to pay the monthly fee to actually view all the records they tease you with so I basically filled in what info I had gleaned from my parents and grandparents and the rest had big gaps in it.  However, this weekend I got an email from ancestry.com saying that it was free to view all the US census records for a period of time.  Normally I would have had other things to do and probably would not have taken the time to sit down and look at my family tree, but we had spent an entire day doing yardwork and I was ready to devote the rest of my evening to sitting on the couch.  🙂  My husband was working on research for his fantasy football draft (yes, that’s right, hours of research went into it so he could draft the best possible team…) so I thought I’d be companionable and sit down beside him with another computer and take a peek to see if any of my family members could be found in the census records.

OH MY, I found so much information.  It was fascinating!  One record led to another and another and another.  I found addresses for where my great grandparents lived a hundred years ago, I found the names of many of my grandparents’ cousins and even the names of more great great (great great) grandparents.  I now have my tree completely filled out for five generations back, and several branches up to ten generations.  So cool!

I am well aware that no one but me finds the details of all these discoveries even remotely interesting, but here is a neat way to display them in my home:

I am going to grab this cute Sweetly Nested template while the 31% off Digital sale is still going on and use My Digital Studio to fill in names and make some cute artwork for my house.  It is just $3.42 (no tax or shipping on digital downloads!) for this 8.5″x11″ printable.  (Don’t forget that you can still try My Digital Studio free for 30 days.)  You can move things around and add text to your heart’s content, or just take the easy way out and print it as is.  Many of the elements of this picture are included in the download as individual digital stamp brushes so you can use them again on other projects, change colors, etc. and really customize it to suit you.  And once you have the template, you can edit and print as many different versions as you want!

This would make such a nice wedding or anniversary gift, and would be a very special gift for a new baby.  Just print it out and pop it in a cute frame and you have a very special but very frugal gift.  I can already think of about ten people who I could make one for!

Check out the other items that are on sale for 31% off until the middle of this month HERE.

UPDATE:  I have gotten a lot of questions about this template in recent months. Unfortunately, Stampin’ Up! has discontinued all My Digital Studio products and printing services.  If you still have the My Digital Studio software you can still use it with whatever digital content you had already purchased, you will just have to save your projects as a .pdf or .jpg and have them printed elsewhere.  However, if you are looking to purchase digital content like the template pictured above, it is no longer available through my website.  I called to inquire, and since Stampin’ Up holds the copyright to these images I am not allowed to distribute them in any form.  I’m so sorry because I think this one little download is the item I have sold most in my entire career as a Stampin’ Up demonstrator.  If you need any rubber stamps, inks, or papers I’m still your girl, though.  🙂



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Exciting news! Starting today, Stampin’ Up! will be offering a FREE 30-day trial of our fantastic software called My Digital Studio.

Use the same great artwork, colors, and accessory images found in our current product line to create personalized digital projects. The options are endless: create scrapbook pages, photo albums, calendars, and greeting cards using My Digital Studio. The software is intuitive enough that it’s easy for beginners to get designing right away (designer templates let you just insert your own photos or text), but powerful enough to let advanced users create amazing designs from scratch. When you’re done, you can choose to have your creation printed in our high-quality print facility and delivered to your door, print it at home, or even just share the image electronically.

The 30-day trial includes the following:

  • Full access to the software at NO COST.
  • Full design functionality.
  • Exclusive artwork that comes with My Digital Studio Express.
  • Opportunity to purchase additional downloads from designer templates to stamp brush sets–and everything in between.
  • Access to our professional print services.

There’s no obligation to buy and you have nothing to lose by trying it out for free! Begin your free trial now by downloading the software from my online store HERE.

Check out www.mydigitalstudio.net to access free tutorials, instructional videos, discussion boards, and LOTS of great project ideas for inspiration. I am also happy to help you or answer any questions you may have!

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