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I love Framelits – what a treat to be able to stamp an image and cut it out perfectly with the Big Shot!   I have enjoyed this technique with our punches for years, but the Framelits let you do the same thing on a larger scale.  I use Framelits with coordinating stamp sets, to frame sentiments, and to provide matted shapes that are just a bit more interesting than plain old rectangles.  LOVE them.

But I HATE the way they are stored.

Framelits all come in a nice translucent plastic envelope, but they are attached to a piece of heavy cardstock with little pieces of double-sided tape.  This piece of heavy cardstock is sandwiched between a couple layers of thin glossy paper that have the product information and directions for use on them.  The double-sided tape sticks to this glossy paper and makes it very difficult to get to the Framelits without ripping the glossy paper all up.  This is torture for someone as OCD as me about keeping things in nice condition.  Then you have to remove the Framelits from the super sticky tape and half the time it feels like you have to pull so hard to get one unstuck that you are going to bend that precious little thin piece of metal out of shape.  Finally, after several repetitions of removing and replacing the Framelits on their little sticky spots, that double-sided tape starts to lose its stickiness and you are left with loose Framelits rattling around in the bottom of the envelope.

Argh!  You all know I love Stampin’ Up products, but this is a mess that I do not care to deal with when I’m trying to use these products in a class or workshop.

I have seen some people use our empty clear stamp cases (same size as a DVD case) with some strips of magnetic tape in there to hold the Framelits, which is a great improvement over the double sided tape fiasco.  However, I forgot to add any of the empty cases to my last order…and then I spent a little too much time surfing Pinterest while watching the Olympics the past couple weeks and ran across this little gem of an idea:  Cover magnetic sheets with DSP!  Then you have a nice little assembly that’s both functional storage and easy on the eye:

Here is what I used to make mine:

  • Adhesive Magnetic Sheets (one 12″x24″ roll is enough for at least seven sets of framelits, I got it at a big box craft store with a 40% off coupon)
  • The original dreaded piece of cardstock with double sided tape still clinging to it
  • DSP of your choice.  I would recommend DSP over thick cardstock here, you want something nice and thin because it is going between the magnet sheet and the Framelits, you want them to be able to cling firmly to the magnet and not have anything too thick in the way.

How I did it:

  1. Cut a piece of magnet sheet to match the size of that terrible little piece of cardstock with the double sided tape on it).  Mine were mostly 6 1/4″x5 1/8″, but check yours to make sure your magnet sheet gets cut to the correct size.
  2. Peel the paper backing off the magnet sheet and adhere it to that piece of cardstock to give it some stiffness.  I made sure to put the side with the sticky tape remnants toward the magnet sheet so the back remains nice and clean and smooth.
  3. Cut a piece of DSP to match the size of the cardstock+magnet sheet and adhere it right on top of the magnet sheet.  Your final assembly will be three layers thick, with the cardstock on the bottom, the magnet sheet in the middle, and the DSP on top.
  4. Put your framelits on top of the DSP (they should cling easily to the magnet), and slide everything right back in the envelope!

Note:  I also consolidated all my Edgelits into one envelope to conserve my magnet sheet – it was easy to fit five Edgelits on one sheet rather than split them up into their original three envelopes.

Now you can see your framelits through the envelope so you can grab the set you need right away (I even chose DSP that matched the relevant occasion, if any (so, my Holiday Ornament and Holiday Collection Framelits have red and green DSP, my hearts have pink, etc.). Best of all, when you get your Framelits out to use them, it’s easy to keep them all in one place on your work surface without having to worry about sticky tape!!  I am so excited about how easy it’s going to be to use these guys from here on out!


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